Tired of the same old retreat? Judy Salisbury offers several exciting retreats for women who are looking for something to impact their lives so they can impact the lives of others. Judy can also tailor her talks for the specific needs of your particular group!

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The Path to Joy...Sharing Our Faith Retreat Weekend

It does not matter if you feel confident or terrified when it comes to sharing your faith; this retreat weekend is for everyone! Judy shares wonderful information including many of her thought-provoking and humorous witnessing encounters throughout this fresh, fun, exciting, and thoroughly unique retreat weekend. The theme for The Path to Joy...Sharing Our Faith retreat is based upon Psalm 51:12-13. "Restore to me the joy of Thy salvation, and sustain me with a willing spirit. Then I will teach transgressors Thy ways, and sinners will be converted to Thee."

Session #1 -- The Calling
This is a witty, heartwarming, encouraging, and revealing talk designed to show eager yet apprehensive believers that God uses anyone He wishes, in spite of their age, background, status, education, or fears. During this talk, Judy also shares her surprising testimony.

Session #2 -- The Basics
1) How to overcome fear and shyness.
2) How to recognize and make the most of the divine appointments God places before us.
3) How to be "all things to all people" without compromise.

Session #3 -- The Particulars
1) How to reach people and not repel them.
2) How to remove misconceptions in the perception of it means to trust the Lord with our life and eternity.
3) Judy conducts and open Q & A and informative discussion time.

Session #4 -- The Progression
Judy shares insights from Psalm 51:10-13 explaining the natural progression of having a clean heart before the Lord, being daily filled with His Spirit, experiencing the joy of our salvation, and then possessing a willing spirit in order to reach others for Christ's sake and glory.

The Beautiful Feet Women's Retreat

Attendees will appreciate the solid teaching they will receive during The Beautiful Feet Women's Retreat! The foundation for this retreat is based upon Jesusí various face-to-face ministry encounters. These sessions not only teach women how to reach others with the love of Christ, but will also help them dispel their own fears or doubts, build their faith, and greatly encourage them in their walk with the Lord. The title/theme is based upon Romans 10:15, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!"

Session #1 -- Unique Feet
In this talk, Judy discusses our uniqueness in Christ and the impact that has on us as believers to, not only minister to other people, but also to be ministered to ourselves. Judy greatly encourages women to make it a priority, during the weekend retreat, to candidly reach out to one another.   

Session #2 -- Flat Feet 
Judy addresses three common challenges: skepticism or atheism, post modernism or the objection, "Your truth is true for YOU!" and the problem of evil and human suffering. This talk is entitled "Flat Feet" since many believers tend to get knocked off of theirs while trying to address these topics. Judy, in an engaging way, effectively equips women with solid answers.      

Session #3 -- Tippy Toes 
This talk is aptly titled as it teaches women how to address seekers concerning the more sensitive issues we sometimes face or concerns that can tug at our emotions. Judy addresses people who are hurting for a variety of reasons, people who are simply in denial concerning their own spiritual condition, and those who are more committed to religiosity rather than to Christ.

Session #4 -- His Feet
In this encouraging and powerful talk, Judy addresses doubt, fear, and faith in the believer's life. Judy establishes, through the Word of God, how doubts and fears can be subtle but crippling to our spiritual growth. Judy encourages women to leave their fretting and concerns at "His Feet."

The Myth of Balance & The Reality of Priorities Women's Retreat

As women, we seem to hear it all the time...especially from the media. It's the same old mantra that only produces pressure, stress, and even guilt when we feel we can't live up to the expectations. You've heard it before, "Women can do it all, have it all, and be it all they just need BALANCE in their lives." Well, help is on the way for busy 21st century women in this fun, fast paced, lively retreat for all women who will realize that prioritizing is much more realistic for living a peace filled life of true productivity, power, and purpose! The title/theme is based upon Proverbs 31:31. "Give her the product of her hands, And let her works praise her in the streets."

Talk #1 -- Let's Just Admit to the Chaos
This is the perfect talk for the woman who has a heart to serve the Lord and her family but finds her spiritual life waning, her marriage less intimate, and her children feeling neglected, and on occasion even hostile to her church activities. Judy encourages women to take a step back, reassess, and perhaps, simplify their lives. She reminds us to be careful not to fall into the trap of serving everyone, everywhere except those whom the Lord would have us serve. Also, practical suggestions are offered to help women find more free time and re-think how and when they use their technology. Judy also touches upon the third rail of how to handle with strength and grace with those relationships that are more of a curse than a blessing.

Talk #2 -- Your Spiritual Life - Priority #1
Judy understands the challenges yet emphasizes the importance of making quiet, quality time with the Lord our first priority, what that looks like, and how to go about cultivating an intimate relationship with Him. Judy talks about the impact a healthy spiritual life has on other important relationships in our lives and how it eases day to day stress. She also addresses how affluence or just plain old distractions can pull us away from hearing the Lordís voice, taking time to seek Him in prayer, and thus we can forget the basics of our life as believers.Judy offers hope for those who feel stuck in their own personal "Laodicea" and shows them how they can move to a more vibrant spiritual place.

Talk #3 -- Your Marriage - Priority #2
Judy shares her thoughts on the importance of making the marriage a wife's most important earthly priority. She offers practical tips for how to build bridges and tear down the walls that may have taken several years to create through past hurts since we all know that sometimes life after the wedding isn't always smooth sailing. Though some women might feel as if they are married to Job, instead of suggesting their husband "curse God and die," Judy gives great advice, from her own experiences, encouraging and enlightening women to be the bride their husband needs during difficult times. Judy then shares great tips on how to have fun again after lifeís storms.

Talk #4 -- The Kiddies - Priority #3 
udy teaches attendees how to can lead children into a vibrant relationship with the Lord. She also stresses the impact on children when they have a mom who they know loves the Lord as #1 and makes her marriage her top earthy priority, which is their security. In this talk, Judy shows just how spiritual children really are using personal experiences, by permission, of her own children and how she used those moments to build their faith. She also shares some surprising pitfalls that can hinder their spiritual growth. Judy also offers solid suggestions and parenting skills that help equip children for life and at the same time allows busy moms to involve their children more in the day-to-day activities and duties that need to be accomplished. 


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